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We are often told that “character is everything”, when it comes to what we achieve in our life time. Our characters shape the choices we make and response to events. Our characters shape our destiny. They are the treasure chest of advantages we have been given. Even our less admirable character traits can be used as gateways to higher potential.

Our Sun Sign governs our personality, aspirations, values and beliefs. It has a major impact on who we really are and how we use the advantages we have been given.

The AstroCoaching series of books look at the reader's Sun Sign and how they can work with this to live a life that is right for them. The tips, tricks and coaching exercises in this book provide the reader with an easy solution - having uncovered areas that they want to work on, they can begin to take action immediately. The reader is spared the 'work' of having to source a coaching book to address the areas of weakness highlighted by traditional astrology - by combining coaching with astrology the time-famished reader is provided with the knowledge necessary to start making changes.

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AstroCoaching For Libra - Lorna MacKinnon

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According to Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, Character is Destiny and this fundamental truth sums up the reasons for my writing the AstroCoaching series of books. In this introduction I will explain why your Sun Sign plays such an important role in terms of your character and how this book will help you make the most of your Sun Sign.

Everyone even if they don’t always believe in astrology or let it dictate their lives have at least heard of a sun sign. In the realm of astrology our sun signs hold a lot of influence over who we are and also play a pivotal role in our destiny whether we want it to or not. Many that believe in the power of the sun signs will have their natal charts done and as they age, can clearly see how their natal chart mimics the life they have led thus far.

Understanding your sun sign, its power and how to best utilize the gifts can remarkably improve your current and future life and its course. Of course free will also plays a role in how we propel ourselves forward, but understanding what a sun sign can offer and the innate characteristics, strengths and flaws that are within us can also affect our outcomes. First however, you need to know the basics of what sun signs are and then how you can utilize the magic of them to shape and transform yourself and your future. There are plenty of tips, tricks and exercises to help you get to grips with your Sun sign and make it work for you.

Understanding Sun Signs

There are twelve sun signs within the zodiac and each one is about a month long. The reason they have such an influence on us and our lives is that the sun’s position had a pivotal position at the moment you were born. This is why when we compile a natal chart it is essential to have the place of birth, the date of birth and the exact time of birth in order for the chart to be most valid and effective. Not only does the Sun have power over your destiny, but so too does the universe.

Sun signs are predisposed according to longitudes and latitudes having to do with the exact minute one was born and therefore the sun signs have a vital affect on one’s personality and traits. This is how astrologers are able to pinpoint common characteristics of those who fall under a particular sign and also predict things, people and events that will cross our paths in the coming months and years.

Things Your Sun Sign Can Help Determine

When it comes to destiny and influence your sun sign has the ability to influence many aspects of your life. Those who use their sun signs for their advantage can map out or research things like whether a partner is compatible, whether a marriage is likely to end, which career path best suits them and how financially successful they will be if they stay on the course they are currently on.

Your Astrological Sign and Your Personality

Our individual and unique personalities often affect how we choose to live our lives and the decisions we make that also change the courses of that life. You have probably heard about this before: Capricorns are known to be grounded, stable and stubborn or how an Aries can be impulsive, full of energy and confident. Although our personalities don’t entirely govern how successful we are, they do play a major part in it.

This is why you are unlikely to find a poor Capricorn; their innate personalities and qualities propel them to do well in life (as does their obsession for status). They care so much and deeply about security that they only know one way to do things and their paths must bring them to an end journey that is fruitful and productive.

Likewise an Aries will always do what they want and when they want. They detest being reigned in or given ultimatums and therefore often seek out careers where they are given creative outlets and freedom.

When we shelter ourselves from what our innate personalities need, we often take the incorrect courses in life, mingle with the wrong people and ultimately begin to feel displeasure with life on the whole. This is why it is important to understand your sun sign and how it affects your personality. You can then delve into that treasure chest and begin to create opportunities for yourself that will shift and transform your future.

It is possible that you already are aware that the life you are living now is less than authentic. You will feel it in your bones, head and certainly your heart. If you feel tired all the time, are not motivated to get up