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Nibly the Bear ~ Gone Fish 'in - Steve Nelson

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Chapter 1

Hi I am Nibly the Bear. I want to tell you about my swell fishing adventure. Are you ready? Are you with me?

Well it wasn’t long ago when I happened by the campsite of your typical tourist here in Beautiful British Columbia. This guy had brought along all the comforts of home, his TV. He had it plugged into his car. And you know that tells me something as well, I must be a real Boob too, as I kinda liked watch ‘in that little box while I sat there at his picnic table eating this guys left over cherry pie.

The guy was laying there in one of those stringy beds that you tie up between some trees called a Hammock. He was fast asleep while his TV played away and I sat and ate some of his nice pie. His Grandma must have made the pie because it was Delicious! It was much better than anything I had ever eaten from the human grocery store dumpster. Oh boy it was yummy!

As the TV blared away, and the human man snoozed and snored away like a freight train, I saw some of a very funny program called; ‘Man’s Favorite Sport?’

It was about a handsome guy who wrote a little book about fishing. And