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In the new millennium, blogging has become one of the easiest forms of self-expression through the written word. There are no rules and anyone who has access to a computer can create a blog. The best part is you can talk about any subject you want on your blog. It’s a truly beautiful thing and shows the era we live in today.

Unfortunately most people are incredibly boring, one-dimensional, and waste their time writing about nonsense nobody cares about. For those people I have decided to gather up some of my best blog posts I have written with the hope you can learn what makes a blog awesome.

The passages in this book are from Tim Boyle’s Wordpress blog where he writes under the name Mooselicker. These pieces have been rewritten slightly at times to better format this book. In addition to simply rehashing old material, advice is offered at the beginning of each section as to why certain subjects should be talked about to give your blog a very well-rounded appearance. The mission with this book is simple, not to tell you how to write an awesome blog but show you how to do it.

Published: Tim Boyle on
ISBN: 9781301610785
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