Immediate Possession

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Immediate Possession

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (12 ratings)
Length: 302 pages4 hours


Does true love ever give you a second chance?

Regan Sloan didn’t think so. A successful, self—made realtor, Regan has always played it safe, and the first time she takes a chance on love, she is left wounded and puts a wall around her heart.

Darcy Grey has lost more than most, her parents at such a young age she barely remembers them. When she loses her grandparents, she is left struggling to fill the void. Six years later she is engaged to a man she isn’t even sure she is still in love with.

When Regan and Darcy bump into each other, sparks fly from the start. But Regan’s vow to never fall for another “straight”girl and Darcy’s inconvenient engagement threaten to keep them apart.

Can the two women look beyond past hurts and give themselves a chance to find the love of a lifetime?

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