Wolfrik Vs. Dracula
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Name: Prince Vlad Tepes III, Ruler of Transylvania
Nickname: Dracula, John Alucard
Role: The Original Vampire
Demeanor: Lover of Women, Monster to All, Dictator
Weaknesses: Women, Can be killed only by a natural weapon
Strengths: Cannot be killed by man-made weapons, speed, unknown body strength
Abilities: Shape changer
Burden: Must drink blood to remain strong

Name: Chester Von Wolfrik, Mayor of Hardinsburg, Germany
Nickname: Wolfrik
Role: The Original Werewolf
Demeanor: Vengeful
Weakness: Rumored to be deathly allergic to silver, rumored to only change during the full moon
Strengths: Faster than a cheetah, stronger than an ape, claws and teeth made for ripping flesh
Abilities: Super smell, speed, ambush predator
Burden: Rumored to kill unwillingly

Dracula is on the constant hunt for love and power...
Wolfrik wants revenge for all that has been taken from him...
Blood shall be spilled!

Published: Kevin Guest on
ISBN: 9781301168873
List price: $0.99
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