Sticks and Stones
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Dr. Clyde Renner, world renowned expert on volcanoes and earthquakes, professor and chair of the geology department at a small liberal arts college in Iowa, is dead, apparently of a heart attack, alone in his insect-infested house. Leonard Branch, campus cop, is convinced there’s more to Renner’s demise than appears on the death certificate. Gideon Marshall, paleontologist, now acting chair, plays host to a parade of characters, including Renner’s bullied secretary and accountant, a belligerent female prof, an untenured young scientist and his hot-headed coed paramour, the coed’s wealthy helicopter parent, Renner’s estranged gay son and his computer geek husband, and the college president; all are involved in various ways with Clyde Renner’s “distinguished” career and all have a stake in the autopsy results. In the end, Marshall accepts the fact that he’s probably discovered not only a perfect murder, but also the ideal weapons of mass destruction.

Published: John Janovy, Jr on
ISBN: 9781301850204
List price: $2.99
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