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Haunted House For Sale: Paranormal Mystery Novella

69 pages50 minutes


Catherine, a realtor, doesn't know she can see ghosts. She doesn't even believe in ghosts—until the day she shows a haunted house. Worse, she shows it to her friend Lori, who doesn't sense any ghost. What she senses is a deal, and she wants to buy the house.

Catherine does everything she can to discourage her. But even when Catherine finds out the house was the scene of a murder not long ago, Lori doesn't care, unless that means she can get an even better price.

Every time Catherine goes to the house, the ghost begs her help, till she's drawn into investigating its murder. Catherine doesn't see how ghosts can do anything other than scare you but in case they can be dangerous, she wants the ghost at rest before Lori moves in.

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