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The Rig

234 pages4 hours


This is the story of Big Jack, who drives a red and silver (The Rig) 18 wheeler. He is stopped at a Truck stop resting, when a woman, carrying a brief case, bangs on his door. She is medium height, blonde hair and is wearing a black mini dress. He lets her in and finds that she has just stolen the brief case from the mob. The brief case holds a million dollars and a large bag of diamonds. The money and diamonds are payment for a drug payoff. While running from the mob they fall in love, and get married. She becomes pregnant, and they have many adventures dealing with mob hit men. When their baby is born, he is stolen by the mob and they must get him back. After a fierce gun battle they get the baby and run and hide. The mob searches for them and eventually finds them. Only it is not the mob that they expected.

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