The Epistle of Barnabas is often quoted by the ancient church fathers. Although not considered inspired Scripture it was used to combat legalism in the first two centuries AD. Along with explaining why the Laws of Moses are binding on Christians, the Epistle explains how many of the Old Testament rituals teach typological prophecy. Subjects explored are: Yom Kippur, the Red Heifer ritual, animal sacrifices, circumcision, the Sabbath, Daniels visions and the end-time ten nation empire, and the Temple.
The underlying theme is the Three-Fold Witness. Barnabas teaches that mature Christians must be able to lead people to the Lord, testify to others about Bible prophecy fulfilled in their lifetime, and teach creation
history and creation science to guard the faith against the false doctrine of evolution. This is one more ancient church document that proves the first century church was premillennial and constantly looking for the
Rapture and other prophecies to be fulfilled.
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