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A Grave Problem

341 pages4 hours


Last year, when Mina Chihara helped get rid of a group of rival vampires wreaking havoc on the city, she thought that would be the end of it. This year, she’s hoping for a chance to finally be a normal high school student. But a note wedged in her locker changes all that: someone knows what she did.

Now, instead of making plans with the boy she likes, Mina has to juggle her schedule around whatever the author of that note says. If she doesn’t, she risks not only being exposed as a vampire, but as someone calculating enough to get rid of any competition. Adding to Mina’s troubles are the questions about vampires from a friend who’s just a little too interested, and a secret her boyfriend’s keeping. There’s something wrong with him – something so dark, Mina’s not sure she’ll survive the discovery.

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