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Phantom Rage

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Kathleen Freeborne lives a perfectly normal life until the day her team of paranormal investigators visits the reportedly haunted King’s Playhouse Theater on Prince Edward Island. On the morning of the investigation, she suffers a terrifying panic attack, leading her to believe her life is in danger and people are out to malign her.

Events escalate from bad to worse when the team arrives at the theater only to discover caretaker Bill Blythe is behaving oddly and ranting incomprehensible religious gibberish. Shortly after his departure, they see a bloodied and battered apparition of a woman who says, “Beware the chosen one.”

The frightened team flees only to discover that strange things are happening around the little town of Montague. After a series of gruesome murders, they embark down a treacherous path, hoping to stop the demented killers before it’s too late.

Comprising extensive research from real-life paranormal investigations, Phantom Rage serves up in macabre fashion a chilling and mind-bending exploration of haunted happenings that paranormal investigators—often in the face of grave consequences—choose to confront regularly.

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