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Cupid's Armorer

Length: 60 pages58 minutes


In this 16,300 word story, the archangel Michael gets one last chance to save the failing Cupid division of his angels. Human hearts have hardened so much over the last fifty years that Cupid matches are just as likely as human matches to end unhappily. So, Michael decides to let recently-deceased brand-new angel Clint try changing over the Cupids' now-inadequate bows and arrows to modern guns. If humans are going to armor their hearts, the Cupids will just switch to armor-piercing weapons in the name of Happily Ever After.

Clint is assigned to work with Bethany, a beautiful but damaged female angel who's in danger of Falling if the division is closed down. As Clint builds guns to pierce the hardened shells around human hearts, he and Bethany find an undeniable attraction growing between them.

Some religious sensitivities may be offended by the explicit angel-on-angel sex depicted in this story.

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