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The Resume That Gets You Hired: Secrets of Writing Powerful Resume & Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job, Samples & Templates Included

The Resume That Gets You Hired: Secrets of Writing Powerful Resume & Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job, Samples & Templates Included

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The Resume That Gets You Hired: Secrets of Writing Powerful Resume & Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job, Samples & Templates Included

67 pages
1 hour
Mar 13, 2013


Knowing how to write a powerful resume could quite possibly be one of the most valuable business skills you can ever learn. And making your resume stand out from thousands of your competitors is more important than ever in this economic climate.

"Discover The Hidden Rules & Secrets Of Crafting A Professional Resume That Will Never Required You To Follow The Rules You Hear From The Grapevine And Easily Find Your Dream Job To Fit Like A Custom-made Suit!"

It doesn't matter if this is the first time you are trying to write a professional resume for finding your dream job, this guide will help you to get on a right track of resume writing.

"The Resume That Gets You Hired" covers everything there is to know about resumes and it's understandable to the average person. It's like having your very own resume expert that you can reference and ask questions anytime you need to. You'll uncover a wide array of tips, including samples, templates, and selecting the resume format that's right for you today.

Here's Part Of The Topics, You'll Learn Inside:

- Discover what makes a powerful resume...

- Learn each parts of the resume & how to craft them...

- Find out exactly what employers are looking for...

- Learn The Reference Sheet.

- Discover how to write great cover letters.

- Discover what you should look for finding and getting that new job.

- Discover Resume Samples.

- Learn Reference Sheet Samples.

- Learn how to explore the types of jobs that are available.

- Discover Cover Letter Samples!

- Learn about The Interview.

- Plus much MUCH More!

Mar 13, 2013

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The Resume That Gets You Hired - Eugene J. Coppock

The Resume That Gets You Hired

Secrets of Writing Powerful Resume & Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job, Samples & Templates Included

Eugene J. Coppock

Copyright© 2013 by Eugene J. Coppock

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The Resume That Gets You Hired

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What is a Resume?

Chapter 2: Purpose of a Resume

Chapter 3: Parts of a resume



Job Experience


Skills & Qualifications

Awards & Achievements


Chapter 4: Turning resumes into Jobs

Chapter 5: Cover Letters


Chapter 6: Sample Resumes & Cover Letters




Try to imagine your dream job. You are doing only what you have really wanted to do since you were seven. You are working with fantastic, happy people. You share so many of the same likes, dislikes, and passions. You raise your kids with them. They get along great with your friends and spouse. The boss is actually nice, not working you to the bitter end and actually understanding where you’re coming from. The building is beautiful. Every inch of every floor, ceiling, wall, desk, and chair is clean enough to eat off of. You’d rather spend time in the office, or cubicle, or whatever room you want to work in, than in your living room. The bathrooms are better than the ones you have at home. The pay is phenomenal, and the benefits are even better.

Now come back to reality for a second. I am sure you have thought and dreamt about this job at least a few times in your life. Maybe you have seen it on TV, or have watched as your friends got something similar. Maybe you even came close to something like it in the past. But have you ever really sat down and thought, really considered, what it might take to get that kind of job? Okay, yes, in all honesty you will probably never work somewhere you’d rather be than home. But just consider for

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