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Journal of a Burtlefly Search For The Magical Garden

107 pages1 hour


This is a magical tale of a small turtle name Bobby who has a big secret - something that he’s never told anyone. He is in a struggle to find his true identity. When Bobby’s grandfather overhears Bobby and his friends discussing Bobby’s problem, he tries to help them by telling them a story of a legendary magical garden that holds the power to grant wishes. Bobby, along with his best friends Lacey the lizard, and the turtle twins, Terry and Terri with an “I"(cause that’s how she says her name), get into mischief and together they all decide their only choice is to run away. They begin a journey to find the magical wishing garden. Somehow they believe it just might be the answer to all their problems. Along the way, they meet some odd but friendly characters. They also have a close encounter with two of the most notorious buzzard brothers they have ever met, and one character that knows a secret about Bobby's grandfather. While Bobby and his friends are on their journey, they learn that sometimes you just might prosper by looking out for the needs of others rather than yourself. This is a very adventurous tale that has a surprise ending. It also can help children of all ages learn the meaning of true friendship. Enjoy, and open your imagination because anything is possible if your heart is true.

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