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The Breath of Babylon Book One

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Do you ever wonder what is going on? Are things going on that you never would have imagined could have happened? Did you ever think that we'd come to the point that we were discussing homosexual marriage? Did you ever think that you'd live in a society that endorsed wholesale infanticide? Did you ever picture a world where everywhere you looked you'd witness portrayals of elicit sex and horrific violence? Did you ever envision a country where so-called free citizens would be punished simply for speaking their minds? Did you foresee an America where a Muslim president would set his mind on taking away your guns? Could you have predicted a world where big brother had taken over to watch your every move using everything from your bank statements, Internet usage to drones? Did you think that an American president could institute a policy wherein the military would be used to kill American citizens at home? Did you consider that there would be a resurrection of Hitler's Gestapo right here in America? Could you ever have imagined that you'd live in a culture that endorsed every outlandish religion while persecuting Christians? Did you ever picture America as a place where the leaders of society would not only blaspheme God, but would openly talk of eliminating Christians from our culture? Did you conceive of the fall of the Republic of America in favor of a Communist dictatorship?
Has the world gone mad? Do you ever wonder why and what can be done about it? Or are we forever doomed? Are we about to witness the fall of America along with all of its values?
The answers to those questions are the journey that you are about to embark on. It is a long voyage that goes back to ancient times and the formation of two cities. One of the cities is the city of man that has given us all of the horrific consequences that we witness today. The other city is the city of God which has produced everything good that we have inherited from our fathers. These two cities are warring for the soul of America today.
The winner of that battle will determine our future. Will we wind up in bondage to a totalitarian antichrist or will we continue to receive the blessing of self-rule? The answer to that question lies in the future of the church and whether-or-not the people of God return to the faith that has freed us from the tyranny of Satan.
For, as we will soon discover in this book, it is the church that is responsible for the mess we have found ourselves in. The church has become Babylon and out of Babylon our current pagan culture has emerged. And only when the church frees herself from the clutches of that abominable woman will America return to true liberty and freedom.
Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the LORD, Intoxicating all the earth. The nations have drunk of her wine; Therefore the nations are going mad. (Jer 51:7)

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