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Much Ado About Love

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Halys and Simon are betrothed, but when a riding accident seriously injures Halys, Simon’s father calls off the wedding. Furious at his father’s attitude the 18-year-old Simon departs for the Holy Land and the First Crusade. Ten years later, Simon returns.

Halys’ Uncle Richard, her guardian since her parents died, insists she must travel to London with him and there undertake the fostering of his naughty daughter, Melisande. The girl’s twin brother, Jasper, has been given to a famous knight as squire. Richard neglects to mention that Jasper’s new master is Simon.

The twins are born schemers and they want to see each other frequently. So they devise a plan to get Halys and Simon together. They tell each that the other is madly in love. For a time all is blissful, but when the truth is revealed, Halys is so angry that she wants nothing to do with Simon, blaming him for the deception. Simon’s other squire, Beraud, who finds Melisande delightful, is not happy at the new distance between the two households and tries to push Halys and Simon together.

Add to the mix a nasty grandmother, who is determined to see Melisande wed to her own former lover, a seventy-year-old baron, and Melisande becomes panic-stricken, while Halys isn’t sure where to turn next or who she can trust.

At last, Simon decides to take action. At a Twelfth Night party at his castle, he makes love to Halys and manages to convince her he really does love her and always has.

Finally, to the great relief of their relatives, the two become betrothed once again. Simon insists they will be married as soon as possible. Melisande and Beraud are also betrothed.

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