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Friends Talk: Life, Work, and Love

35 pages13 minutes


Friends talking about challenges and successes that include new involvement, anger control, activity, sleeping, confidence, self-esteem, game limits, dating- relationships, focus-memory and empathy (#1-11 Series).

Personal, social, & relationship tips for happiness in life, work, & love. Practical psychology and help with people skills, communications, and connections.

Scripts and Video Menu of Friends Talk -- Life/Work/Love YouTube Success Conversations series played by Spaniel Puppets.

#1-11 Series: Suicide Ideas vs. Life Options, Rage View vs. Anger Control, Losing vs. Using, Relaxing and Sleeping, Real Self-Confidence, Fear vs. Self-Esteem, Life and Other Games, Dating vs. Relating Part 1& 2, Focus-Memory, and Fixing vs. Listening.

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