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Sword of the Highlander

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A short time travel romance -

The sword of Niall MacChumail, the Great Féinn, ends up in a costume shop in Haight-Ashbury and Niall crosses centuries to reclaim it.


She certainly didn’t sleep well. Cassidy opened one eye slowly as sunlight drifted in her window. The Highlander was still there, sitting in the chair with his eyes closed, the great swords crossed over muscular thighs. Not a dream then. Her body felt hot, unsatisfied, and needing to be touched. She didn’t remember ever waking up to her fiancé with this longing ache...but Aubrey was an intellectual who compartmentalized his life. He would probably laugh at her if she tried to describe every nerve ending tingling...waiting...wanting to be touched.

But then, how many women in the twenty-first century woke up to find a medieval warrior in their bedrooms?

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