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Internationally renowned as both a neurologist and a leading researcher, Dr. Okun has been referred to as, “the voice of the Parkinson’s disease patient.” He has an international following on the National Parkinson Foundation’s Ask the Doctor web-forum. His many books and internet blog posts are brimming with up-to date and extremely practical information. He has a talent for infusing his readers with positivity and optimism. In his current book, he unmasks the important secrets applicable to every Parkinson’s disease patient. For some sufferers the secrets have translated into walking again, for others they have restored voices, and for many they have resulted in the lifting of a depression, anxiety and desperation cloud.

"There isn't any joking with Dr. Okun about the 10 Secrets for a Happier Life in Parkinson's disease. This book is a critical resource for Parkinson's disease patients and families from around the world who speak different languages, but suffer from very similar and often disabling symptoms." –Muhammad Ali

The book addresses current Parkinson’s disease issues and also details emerging therapies (DBS, stem cells, vaccines, gene therapy, optogenetics). Okun masterfully breaks down all of the science into an easy to follow and pleasurable reading experience. Parkinson’s Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life is available in over 20 language translations, and also in an audio version. Dr. Okun has truly helped thousands of Parkinson’s disease patients and families discover the core values necessary to achieve happiness despite living with a chronic disease.

帕金森氏症的发病率最新预测估计数据是惊人的. 迫切需要唤醒人们的注意,我们担心会发生新的发病高峰. 在世界上人口最多的国家至2030年,帕金森氏病患者的数量将增加一倍,将达到近3000万.这些不断升级的统计数据似乎令人难以置信,但这是真实的,不断老龄化是社会不可避免的,是不可否认的风险因素,帕金森氏病的发病基础是随着寿命的增加,而升高的. 高龄帕金森病者会更受折磨.换句话说,如果每个人都能够活到100岁,我们将 面临伯金森氏症的治理问题,这将是一个全球性的危难问题.

The most humbling experience of my life has been the time I have spent with families, and with patients suffering from Parkinson’s and chronic neurological diseases. I use the word humbling, because time after time, in person, and also on the web forum, we have uncovered simple and addressable issues and secrets that have changed people’s lives. For some sufferers it has meant walking again, for others it has restored their voices, and for many it has resulted in the lifting of a depression, anxiety and desperation cloud that has obscured their dreams, and robbed them of potential unrealized happiness. I never assume a sufferer or family member is aware of the “secrets” that may lead to hope and to a happier life. We must share these secrets, and this is the purpose of this book.

Each chapter of this book reveals an important secret, and with each secret I will explain the insight, the rationale, the empiricism, and the science behind it. In each chapter I will also try to reveal a little more about myself, and a lot more about the patients and talented clinicians who gifted the Parkinson's secrets. These patients planted the seed of faith. They learned to grow hope, and they discovered the core values necessary to achieve happiness despite the chronic illness of Parkinson's disease.

Published: Michael S. Okun M.D. on
ISBN: 9781301322299
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