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Stories To Make You Dream

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Seven entertaining stories - perfect for bedtime storytelling. Make the nightly ritual come alive with imagination and dreams. Flying kids, a quirky inventor father, miraculous powers, bugs and alligators. Oh yeah, and aliens. Every story is an adventure with new characters and a new plot. For Ages 4 to 10+.

Each of the seven story is approximately 20 minutes long, letting parents manage their time while children get a satisfying tale to end the day. A mix of humor, wild what-ifs, and a touch of drama will give you and your child interesting ideas to share or talk about.

A wide range of age groups will enjoy the story-lines. Yes, even parents will be entertained. Children younger than 4 years old might need some words explained, while older children will be totally riveted. Teenagers, of course, are locked away somewhere safe - for their own good. Family bonding - what a wonderful challenge.

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