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Deaths at Josephine's Gasworks Hotel

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Deaths at Josephine's Gasworks Hotel

Length: 191 pages2 hours


This is the story of Josephine. From 1863 to 1874 she was the publican at the Gasworks Hotel in Brompton, an inner suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Four men died there in that time – two of them were husbands.

This is an untold story that plugs gaps in several family histories – a gap of a forgotten brother, a gap of a headstone’s missing name.

A suspicious death, a coroner’s inquest, a Supreme Court verdict of fraud and a family cut out of a last minute will. Did Josephine kill this man and three others?

This is a story evocative of the times – the language; the social norms. It is mostly a story about ordinary people, although some of the characters rose to great heights in South Australia as premier, police commissioner and city coroner. But the conclusion is anything but ordinary.

Includes companion website and readers’ guide for book groups.

"The research is incredible. It gives great insight into ... Adelaide at that time... like ‘The Mayne Inheritance’ did for Brisbane."
"A great read, drew me in. Very well written and researched."

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