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Eighteen: In Cross-country Odyssey

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At eighteen years of age Benjamin is about to graduate from high school when he decides to embark cross-country in a van in 2003. Benjamin journeys into the South, Midwest, and all of the way west to California. With Americans he converses from the cities to the country. He travels the interstates and blue highways in search of these conversations with Americans about life, duties, and subsistence. He meets with the clergyman, the traveler, and the domestic civilian. Eighteen In Cross-country Odyssey features the ambitions of a young man who has a summer to drive across the country before his college years. He greets strangers, family, a friend in Louisiana that he made on the Internet, and other friends. His journey of two months treks thousands of miles in search of companionship and scenic reverie. His experience now encapsulates two different mountain ranges, various overlooks, small towns, big cities, and the beckoning road.

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