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Strategic Thinking: success secrets of big business projects

Length: 540 pages5 hours


This book is for any manager or team leader in any sized organisation, public or private, who needs to implement processes of projects and yield maximum returns with minimum risk.

In Strategic Thinking, Dr Stevens advocates that the formal group problem solving methodologies that he has refined and practised worldwide should be taken from the large government and private sector organisations and applied to small business to dramatically increase profitability.

Dr David Stevens is an organisational and corporate psychologist. He formed Strategic Thinking 10 years ago and since then has been involved in more than 1000 studies and projects with major government and multinational organisations in Australasia, the USA, the UK, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. He believes that we must harness the human mind, especially working in focused groups, as the greatest resource available in the development of businesses and projects. This concept has been applied to a wide range of businesses and projects, from small to large, all with outstanding success.

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