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12 Steps

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Ray works night shift at a community mission on the lowest rung of the addiction treatment ladder. He's confident, efficient, good at his job -- and he doesn't even hate it a little bit. He's got the drunk-and-sober business all figured out.

When one of his clients commits suicide, it turns out that Ray was the last one to see him alive. Now the police want to talk to him. So do the lawyers, his bosses, and everyone with a finger to point, blame to apportion, and money to make. In the middle of it all is the mother of the dead young man, who just wants answers.

Answers that only Ray can give her, but the questions threaten to unravel everything he has believed about himself, his job, his place in the world, and all the myriad ways that what we do and what we come to believe define us.

12 Steps is a novel about addiction, recovery, and the ways in which we're all a little more broken then we want to believe.

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