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The Very End of the Affair

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"So here I sit, yet again, at the end of another day wondering how on earth this happened. Why? No seriously, why? Did I sit on a fairy godmother with PMS? Why is this happening to me again? And as I stare at my bleeding knees and the strange mutated pulp of once fresh and really quite expensive vegetables in the beaten and leaking remains of my shopping bag, I think two things: Will she believe me this time? and I should have taken the L90 bus." — from "Yes... yes... yes..." by Louise S Allen

"When my brother and I started belting each other in the testicles with sticks, as young Aussie males are destined to do, my mother would shout “Stop hitting each other in the Googlies.” Now, obviously, she meant ‘goolies’, since this is the well-known slang term for testicles. But she was a new Australian and, as mentioned, wielded linguistic fabrications like a machete in a crowded elevator." — From "Learning the Spin" by Peter Court

Twenty-seven award-winning short stories from the Stringybark Humorous Short Fiction Awards will make you smile, snigger and guffaw. Navigate your way through a collection of clever and witty tales, via celebrity chefs, carpet snakes, iGods and other bizarre and not so bizarre plots to the very end of the affair.

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