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Aloha Potter! Text-Only Version

For the serious young reader - ages 6-9

This version of Aloha Potter! does not include the illustrations. The text itself carries the story pictures necessary for the serious young reader. This is a high level reading experience, and the quick turning pages keep the story moving.

Coping with Bullying and Teasing

What do you do if you are an angelfish who feels so bad you don't even want to go out swimming?

That's how bad Potter the angelfish feels some days, all because of a teasing crab named 'Alakuma. 'Alakuma teases Potter about his size, about his name, about his timidity, about everything.

Potter has three very good friends and each one has an idea about what Potter should do. "Tease 'Alakuma back!" suggests Lio the seahorse. "Stand up to him!" advises Stripes the shrimp. "Get mad! Fight back!" throws in Jolly the nudibranch.

Potter soon learns that these aren't the best responses to hurtful teasing. But eventually Potter has a very good idea of his own about how to deal with 'Alakuma and, over time and with the support of his three friends, Potter is able to use this new strategy to turn 'Alakuma from a teaser into, maybe...a friend!

Author Linda Talley has captured Potter's underwater world - Hawai'i's coral reefs and the native flora and fauna in luminous prose.

Linda's straightforward story offers even the youngest readers or listeners easily grasped tools for dealing with unwanted teasing or bullying - tools that may have the 'Alakumas in their lives saying "Aloha."

Potter the Angelfish lives among the beautiful coral reefs off the island of Hawai'i. But all is not perfect in paradise...there is always 'Alakuma the Crab. When bothered by Al's persistent teasing, Potter and his pals try various ways for dealing with this annoying crustacean, and in the process find that some strategies work better than others. Discover how Potter and his friends learn to cope with unwelcome teasing, turning a tormentor into a friend.

A surprise and added bonus is the "Enrichment Information" which includes lots of facts about Hawaii's Coral Reefs, The Banded Coral Shrimp, 'Alakuma the Crab, "Potter's Angelfish", Lio the Seahorse, the "Jolly Green Giant" nudibranch, the eight main islands in the state of Hawaii, and the volcanic Hot Spot that helped form the islands. This is fascinating detail that did not make it into the story itself, but is very rich in interesting description.

A second big plus is the "Letter to Parents and Educators" which includes many relevant questions and comments to facilitate conversation with young readers about the message of the story...learning to cope with unwelcome teasing or bullying. So even though on the surface this is just an engaging story for children, it is also truly helpful in a real way.

Making the Case for Character Education

If you are tired of bullying, teasing, youth violence, gangs, vandalism, drug abuse, sexual misconduct...

If you are tired of the crisis with our older youth...

If you want to help make a difference one tiny step at a time...

Then this is the eBook for your children ages 6-9.

Read with your children, discuss the concept and message...

and know that you are part of the movement sweeping America to bring back our important values by restoring character education in our homes and schools.

(signed) The Thoughtful Parent

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