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Sing To The Lord A New Song: Book 7

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Five-Fold Ministry – Plan For Perfection
Book 7 covers the in detail functioning of the five-fold ministry mentioned in Ephesians in the Bible. It also shows how the various ministries interact with each other. The overall relationship of God & man is presented in chart form to contextualize the discussion. We also need to know what tests we are going to face as ministers of Christ. Let’s look at how the Five-fold Ministries are made up.
*Apostle, Meets effectiveness needs
The seal of an Apostle is fathered sons [bringing the four ministries, and the believers of all descriptions to spiritual maturity
An Apostle is only ever described as a `special messenger'. [See Apostle definition in the Amplified Bible]. There is absolutely no mention of `I will set myself above'!
How do we define special messenger? We look at what the situation was with regard to the Apostles in Jesus time.
The function of special messenger is rooted in years of intimate knowledge, dearly bought experience, and intensive training. Implied in this function is the commission to witness by the Holy Spirit, whose witness it is, by word and sign, to the risen Jesus Christ and His completed Work. The essential quality displayed is the one `did not think that Glory was something to be grasped, but made Himself as nothing `to redeem mankind’.'
These qualities will be evident in the life of the Minister who is now called by the Holy Spirit to be an Apostle in a particular area. He will be called to be, and do these things in that area
*Prophet, Meets spiritual needs
Meets personal needs
Meets financial and material needs
The prophet Interprets the divine will and purpose, with inspired revelation, through inspired preaching and expounding, as well as inspired teaching.
However, there is a clear difference between inspired teachings by revelation in the spur of the moment; as compared to the teacher's gift of
`Clarifying’ truth and giving it structure and order. The prophet has the motivation to reveal unrighteous motives or actions by presenting God's truth.
*Pastor, Meets sympathetic and emotional needs
Meets practical needs
Shepherds of Jesus flock. They will guard and watch over the flock. The motivation to demonstrate love by meeting practical needs. Their gift flows best through deeds rather than words. They seem to `see' what needs to be done and are gifted with their hands and equipped with physical stamina, and a disregard for weariness. They enjoy manual projects and will work until finished.
Meets sympathetic and emotional needs.
Meets personal needs
Preachers of the Gospel - travelling missionaries. They are anointed to bring repentance to people through presenting the goodness of God by means of the Good News of the Gospel. Has the motivation to stimulate the faith of others.
Meets mental needs
Clarifying truth for the purposes of indoctrination in God's Word and His commandments. Believers can mistake impartation of information as ‘teaching’. Unless truth is being ‘clarified’, no teaching is taking place.
They have the ability to impart knowledge, and lead others into revealed truth. Teachers are indispensable to the Body of Christ, as they provide the ammunition with which the other ministries can wage their war against evil with greater success.
Because people are people the question is always – “What is the most effective way to work together?
In Ephesians 4:11 – 16 the bible says that if the Five-fold ministry, as above, train the saints to do the work of the ministry that we will become like Jesus, not be Him, but like Him. Glory!!!
God designed the Five-fold Ministry to make us to be like Jesus Christ. See how - here

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