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The Stolen Star

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The narrative revolves around the story of a single family, which over succeeding generations has been trying to fulfil the mission bestowed
on it by God. However, the family is beset by a series of difficult trials and tribulations.
From generation to generation the Star has been shining over the family, keeping it safe from the influences of the forces of darkness.
The forces of darkness are laying plans to smother the divine light that shines within each of the family and giving them the strength and
nourishment to fulfil the unique human mission. Cousins Michael and Ben attempt to retrieve the Divine Star that has been stolen by the forces of darkness. With the help of the Angel and the higher forces Michael and Ben find themselves in a vivid and beautiful world and by travelling through time they help their ancestors avoid making mistakes that in the future might affect the fate of the whole family line. The higher forces support the boys endowing them with miraculous powers and the ability to take on many shapes and forms.

The story unfolds over a period dating from the sixteenth century to the present day and takes place in the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Ancient Rome and many other important landmarks in the Christian world. This all goes to make up an unusual and touching saga about the trials of human faith.
Later on, as the struggle for the Divine Star intensifies Michael and Ben's mothers - Natalie and Sophia join the fray. They come to their children's aid in the nick of time just as their strength is being stretched to its fullest limits. Natalie and Sophia overcome the cunning and mean stratagems of the enemies of Light in order to summon the necessary energy required by the children to complete their mission.

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