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Baking Bread: Fresh from the Oven

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Baking Bread - Fresh from the Oven by C.C. Barmann is an inspiring full-color photo-illustrated book with invaluable artisan bread recipes. It offers the home baker handmade rich-flavored breads made from scratch with natural ingredients. The recipes will yield scrumptious breads with soft and dense crumbs, yeast starter, natural sourdough, rye bread with a crisp crust, French baguette/flute, French brioche with an Italian spin, fluffy scones, and German rolls (Bavarian Pretzel rolls and savory Berliner Schusterjungen) for a wide range of bakers. The book shows how to use yeast properly and how to easily make sourdough which adds unique flavor and makes breads stay fresh for days. Each recipe is easy-to-follow, pays attention to detail, and keeps the process and techniques simple. The featured easy-to-use ingredients are available at local grocery stores. Measurements are precise and listed in American standards and Metric. This invaluable book makes baking a joy and offers the home baker piping hot treats with extraordinary flavor and satisfying texture.

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