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Through the Valley of Shadow

391 pages5 hours


His soul filled with hate, Master Scout Terrllss-rr goes to Anar’on, the world of the Wanderers, to find Teena his loved one, and to avenge himself against his brother Dharaklin. In a moment that would have unleashed the hand of Death, Terr is confronted by a shattering personal revelation. To slake his thirst with the blood of his brother, Terr must be prepared to forsake Teena’s love and face personal oblivion. Damaged in a running fight with the Orieli, a Celi-Kran warship takes shelter on a Serrll frontier world. Not believing the enormity of the threat confronting them, the Serrll Scout Fleet receives a vivid demonstration of the meaning of total destruction. With the god of Death in his hands, Terr faces the Kran menace.

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