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Infected Rage

161 pages2 hours


Haunted by the murderous demons of her past, Kathleen Freeborne rips down her shingle as a paranormal investigator and hammers up a new one as a clairvoyant, hoping to better the lives of her shell-shocked clients. Her dreams of a harmonious life are quickly shattered when she feels a man's terrifying rage coursing through her body.

With the help of local police, she investigates disturbing events and learns the shocking truth—a feral animal is infecting locals with a rage virus. Struggling with a traumatized mind, Kathleen discovers the spread of the virus might be linked to a successful businessman and perhaps even government officials. Assembling pieces of a macabre jigsaw puzzle, she learns she is being hunted by a professional hit man.

Adding another layer of terror, her peaceful home is attacked by a pack of frothing, rage-infected zombies. She’s unwittingly plunged into a grueling journey for self-preservation and a search for the horrifying truth behind the rage virus.

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