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Poison Rage

140 pages1 hour


As a strung-out team of paranormal investigators approach the shocking truth surrounding deadly rage-filled attacks in an unassuming small town, dangerous roadblocks quickly emerge.

Kathleen Freeborne discovers their inner demons are preventing them from getting to the bottom of the sudden and violent outbursts. Her once loyal and loving boyfriend has suddenly become distant and cold, withdrawing into an alcoholic abyss. Her best friend starts keeping disturbing secrets from the team and retreating into a catatonic shell of her former self.

Meanwhile, Detective Blaine Redmond, close to learning the disturbing truth behind the uncontrolled aggression possessing unsuspecting townsfolk, abruptly vanishes.

Including extensive research from actual paranormal investigations, Poison Rage is a chilling and mind-bending examination of haunted happenings that paranormal investigators—often in the face of life-threatening consequences—choose to confront.

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