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Anxiety Alert: How to Reduce the Impact of Anxiety Attacks on Your Life

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“Palms sweaty; hiding in the corner of the room hoping no-one will notice me. Heart is pounding like it is going to jump out of my chest; Oh no, someone is coming over – I don’t need any help I just have to get my breathing under control...oh gosh am I having a heart attack?”

Sound familiar? More than one in four people in the United States alone suffer from a form of anxiety disorder. Those that suffer from it experience a number of different symptoms that are often difficult to control, especially in public places.

As you will learn in this book there are no specific triggers that set of an anxiety or panic attack in people with this disorder. Scientists have come up with some commonalities between people afflicted with this problem but that is all. Because the reasons why people suffer these problems are based usually on an individual’s personal experience this makes finding a cure for the problem all the more difficult.

However the news isn’t all bad. In this book you will learn about a number of different techniques that can help you overcome the symptoms you have; or at least lessen them to a point where they are more easily managed. Given that one of the most common triggers for anxiety disorders is the fear of having the attack itself (this is particularly true of people who suffer from panic attacks) once you feel confident you can manage your symptoms you should find that your attacks lessen in frequency and intensity.

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