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Going One-to-One: iPads and Mobile Computing in Education

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Millions of American parents, teachers, administrators, and students agree that today's classrooms aren't producing college- and career-ready 21st century learners. Integrating technology into every fiber of the student experience is one way to address the evolutionary changes we've seen in our classrooms and students. This book is about realizing the educational potential of a one-to-one computing environment, and trying to assuage the fears many educators and administrators have when facing change of such epic proportions. Our intention is to guide the interested reader through all the different elements of a 1:1 deployment, from getting school stakeholders excited to creating a network that can support hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of mobile devices. Along the way, detours will take us into different classrooms to see how teachers across the country have utilized mobile computing in their classrooms. We hope that, once you complete it, you’ll feel ready to help launch your school’s own mobile computing program.

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