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Jesus, I Am Ready: Developing a Servant's Heart - Month of November (Devotions for Every Day of the Year).

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This is a serialized work. Therefore as the author creates a new month, he publishes it. When all months are completed, the author will publish the complete yea available as one Download or printed book.

About: Jesus, I Am Ready.

Every day highlights areas of hope, encouragement, peace, faith, long-suffering, trust and love to bring you closer to Jesus and to embrace a life of deeper devotion to the Master.
Jesus, I am Ready is a devotional born out of much pain and sacrifice. You will see yourself move through your pains to your promises as each daily reading seems to envelop your heart in the matchless love of Jesus.
Conrad Powell was saved at the tender age of 13. As years and school took much time, he realized that becoming a lawyer was not the end all and be all of his life. No matter how far he strayed, he realized that the calling of God on his life to preach and expound the oracles of the Word of God had to be fulfilled.
Now totally devoted and sold out for Jesus, he preaches wherever, whenever, and however the Spirit of the Lord leads.
Pull up your favorite prayer pillow, and be taken away to a place in your life where you too can say, “Jesus, I Am Ready.”
This daily journal of Conrad’s sermons, notes and observations will inspire you although it is not the Holy Bible. He challenges you to find a deeper meaning for your life as with each daily reading you will move closer to saying, “Jesus, I Am Ready.”

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