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Midnight Baseball

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Unsure of what to expect, Little Pay attends his first father-son fishing trip, one filled with the unhinged joys and quiet vulnerabilities of fathers and sons, and boys becoming men.
Echoes of the best of Raymond Carver, "Midnight Baseball" is nostalgic without being obvious -- delivering nothing short of the hero's journey in subtle miniature.

Mendicant Bookworks is proud to publish Bob Pajich's first piece of literary fiction -- a powerful bellwether of what we hope is more to come.

About the author:
Pajich has worked as a community newspaper reporter in towns around Pittsburgh since 1999, and was managing editor and lead news writer for the world’s largest magazine dedicated to the game of poker: Card Player -- where he currently writes a series called "Men Of Action." His work has appeared in “The New Yinzer,” “Nerve Cowboy,” “Chiron Review” and elsewhere. His poetry chapbook, “Everyone, Exquisite,” was second-place finisher in a Nerve Cowboy Chapbook contest. He is a musician and a member of the bands Thee Shopkeepers and Moldies and Monsters.

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