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Dr. Mike's Horsemanship Horse Owner's Modern Keys for Success

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A collection of Essays from many years of successful horsemanship. This book focuses on ideas to help new horse owners build a strong foundation of thoughts and ideas for success in owning, riding, and training horses.


INTRODUCTION - A few words about this work

CHAPTER 1 - Essays on Horsemanship
The 6 C’s of Horsemanship: Building Blocks for Success in Relationship Training
Common Sense and Horsemanship
From the Ground Up—-Maintaining your Horse’s Foundation Training
Conditioned Response Training — “Pressure and Release”

CHAPTER 2 - Reminders for Success with Horses
Horse Training/Relationship Building Reminders

CHAPTER 3 - A Series of Essays on the Horse Owner to Horse Professional Relationship
The Horse Owner – Horse Trainer Relationship
The Rider – Riding Instructor Relationship
The Rider – Clinician Relationship in Horsemanship with guest contributor Kimberly Bench
The Horse Owner - Veterinarian/Farrier/Chiropractor/Body Worker-Massager

CHAPTER 4 - A Series of Essays on Leadership in Horsemanship
Leadership in Horsemanship — Part I Honesty
Leadership in Horsemanship — Part II Wholeness
Leadership in Horsemanship — Part III Creativity
Leadership in Horsemanship — Part IV Safety

CHAPTER 5 - On the Trail
On the Trail - Trail Guide

About the Authors
Other Works by Michael Guerini

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