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Volume 33 is a continuation from Volume 32. This book reaches out in a different direction and was catalogued in book sections where it may be seen as out of place. I put it in the Algebra section of math. It may be seen as bizarre or unusual because there’s really only one chapter on Algebra applied to theoretical physics in Chapter 8. The other section that it was put in was regarding baseball because of the concept of “Moneyball.” So sports readers may be scratching their heads wondering what a book like that would be doing in that section when there are only two chapters regarding “Moneyball.” One chapter talks about “Moneyball” applied to the scientific field. It’s hard to break into a field. However, it’s my hope that maybe some bright young college student in math will stumble across this content and be able to pick up on what I was trying to say and it can improve their research and understanding of the Universe taken from a student of science that didn’t have a formal education or go to an Ivy League school. Maybe there will be a creative person who loves baseball who will make sense of the “Moneyball” concept seeing how Billy Beane did something really way out there that went against baseball’s traditions. That’s the same thing I did with going against the traditions of science. It was met with a lot of opposition. It’s taking the analogy of “Moneyball” where you have well-established scientific research firms with billion dollar budges symbolizing the New York Yankees. Then you’ve got me like the Oakland A’s working on a shoestring budget that has to eke out a way to build a one-man scientific research facility with only a computer and Internet connection. Everyone loves an Underdog Story, right? Imagine if it turned out someone regular person figured out that the Electromagnetic Field functions like a Communication Grid. It’s where people are like Planet-Sized Brain Cells interconnected by the Electromagnetic Field to create the Consciousness of the Planet. It runs parallel to the electrical field in the human mind interconnecting our individual brain cells to create your Consciousness. What if it was possible that there was a Subconscious Twitter Feed riding off Earth’s Electromagnetic Field that generates a news aggregator just like you see with online news? If you could learn how to mathematically decrypt this information riding off Earth’s Planetary RSS Feed, then you could roughly predict what is going to surface in the manmade Associated Press Feed 24 to 48 hours later. What if you could harness this ability and use it with eBook publishing where you publish something, wait for the news feed 24 hours later, and then publish the next book citing what you said in the previous book and hyperlinking it to the content of the next volume? Chapter 1 talks about the “Superman Building” in Rhode Island that shut down on 4/7 of 2013 aligning with the Superman theme posted in the previous volume. Chapter 2 revisits the concept of Religious Catfishing and the Kansas Anti-Abortion Law passed on 4/6 of 2013. Chapter 3 is regarding Sports Illustrated Model Kate Upton vs. 2007 Miss Teen USA South Carolina Caitlin Upton. At the same time the Upton Brothers of the Atlanta Braves hit 2 home runs in a game. Chapter 4 revisits “The Other Guys” theme. Chapter 5 touches upon the concept of Subconscious Psychology. Chapter 6 is regarding “Moneyball” and Ken Griffey, Jr. along with his father playing for the Seattle Mariners and how sad the people were when he moved to the Cincinnati Reds. Chapter 7 is about how scientific research like this can slip through the cracks. Chapter 8 talks about the Additive Identity of Zero (0) vs. the Multiplicative Identity of One (1). Chapter 9 talks about the episode of “Chuck” where actress Wendy Makkena was in the pilot episode and the song “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx.

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ISBN: 9781301985418
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