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Sleeping Fleshless

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For Detective-Sergeant Duke the arrival of the Counter Corruption Unit at Stead 107 to carry out so-called ‘loyalty tests’ means a temporary role as their Liaison Officer. The C.C.U. team includes a psychic who uses his abilities to read people’s innermost thoughts and whose word is enough to ruin a career or put some-one in jail. Some-one like the controversial Stead Commander, Barratt.

Duke is not overly happy when she has to resume her role as Liaison when the psi, Sam Neville, returns to the frontier stead a few weeks later. This time he has come to help with the case of a serial killer called Jeremy Booth Brown by using objects recovered from the killer’s home to identify his victims and retrieve their bodies. Psis are hated and feared in equal measure, and are rarely welcomed by any-one, even when they have come to help the police rather than prosecute them. Duke is not going to find her position as Liaison Officer as straightforward as she had hoped.

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