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This is a Good Day to Live

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Make each of your days a “good day to live.”

Amber is 19 years old and off to college. In six months, she will receive unbelievable news that will force her into the world of hospitals and doctors. This is her story, one of courage in the face of adversity. You will know why she must believe “This is a good day to live.”

You will learn:

* How to cope with grave illness
* Courage comes in many forms
* About a family’s unifying love
* The caregiver role and importance of the patient having an advocate
* Any serious illness is a family affair

Author’s bio: Janine Carter was happy to be the mother of two girls and wife to a husband for over two decades when, in December of 1994, her oldest daughter, Amber, was diagnosed with cancer. Always a vigilant, hopeful partner in seeking a cure, Janine devoted her self to Amber’s care and continual five year battle for survival. Currently she is committed to bring awareness to others who are suffering in similar situations in hopes of enlightening those fighting the dreaded disease, especially teens that are afflicted.

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