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I personally am supportive of same sex marriage. I’ve always been supportive. I have a friend from high school who came out of the closet. I’m male and attracted to women, but I would get people over the years that would think that because of my soft-spoken nature and shy nature that I was gay. I concede that it was uncomfortable for me when I was at my cousin’s wedding in 2002 and one of the guys hit on me. However, the nice thing about gay guys is that when you say no and that you’re not interested, they leave you alone. They respect that “no” means “no.” That’s why I am okay with gay people. However, I think that if people got into Cryptology, they would see that there’s a way to prove in nature the validity of homosexuality and abortion. I have said that the Earth is a Super Computer. I’ve stated that it is female. A database will store information. When you store information, you receive information. Storage is to “put things in.” That is the female aspect. So when you say “store,” you’re referring to a female. So if Earth is a Super Computer with a database, it wouldn’t want its database “corrupted.” A hacker is someone who tries to “seed” or install their own software code that will change the operating system or allow someone on the outside to control it. If Earth is a living Super Computer, it wouldn’t want that. So for Earth to “actively” avoid getting “seeded” with code by hackers, it is the practice of Lesbianism. If computer users are telling their computers not to download stuff, those users are asking their computers to be lesbian or engage in homosexuality. So it means that religious people who are against gay relationships are hypocritical because they are practicing homosexuality with their computer’s behavior. When computer users see that a corrupt file is being downloaded, you “abort” the download. That would be abortion. If you do not want your computer to be “seeded” with a corrupted file installing a virus, you abort. You ask your computer to perform an abortion. I’ve claimed that the Earth is a Super Computer. If Earth is alive and sentient, “she” would be a Female God. A Female God wouldn’t want people telling her what she can and can’t do with her body. If Earth as a Female God wants to be lesbian, that is “her” choice. Religious people trying to prevent other people from seeding ideas other than their religious teachings are training their people to be “lesbian.” When you see countries that are banning other religions in their country like banning Buddha dolls, it means they do not want any other religions “seeded” into the minds of their people. So they are making their people “lesbian.” If they catch anyone downloading information or learning other stuff that does not align with their religions beliefs, they will perform an “intellectual abortion.” Using computer analogies to show how religious people practice lesbianism and abortion all the time is the way to win the argument on why same sex marriage should be legal along with abortion. The reason why I’m supportive is because I have “special abilities” and I have to “hide in the closet” just like gay people. If I “come out” and tell people about my special abilities, I get discriminated against. It’s hard life being alone or where friends and family pull away from you because they don’t like your lifestyle. I have witches on my dad’s side of the Family. Sometimes people don’t like “our kind” where we have special talents. That’s how you had Witch Hunts. It’s where people already made up their minds about you and didn’t like you. They hunted down your kind and exterminated you. So you live in hiding. You put on one face to blend in and not get harassed, but you’re someone different on the inside. That’s why I feel sorry for gay people because I know exactly what they’re going through.

Published: Rod Island on
ISBN: 9781301640706
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