Today, March 13, 2013, I am writing this message addressed to the new Pope, His Holiness, Pope Francis. Maybe just an impulse to expose my long standing feelings related to the deteriorating world conditions, at a moment when the apparent incidences of corruption and sexual offenses right in the HQ of the largest Christian Church have been divulged. And what is being or should be undertaken to halt, to revert this adverse tendency? Where are we wrong counting with strong institutions like the United Nations and, last but not least, the Churches, the Religions striving to build a world of peace?

I followed with much interest the statements of the retired Pope Benedict XVI on the occasions of the WORLD DAY OF PEACE taking place the first day of January every year. I was captivated by his profound ideas and concepts, showing an elevated grade of wisdom and preoccupation of the unhealthy path followed by mankind.

However I missed some ideas regarding concrete and down-to-earth proposals how to halt the growing corrosion of morality and responsibility indispensable to get hold of the longed for World of Peace. Actually, there exist most effective tools if properly adjusted.....the (political) union of religions, especially that of Christianity, the largest Religion, to focus world affairs through the strength of their billions of followers.

In this message I refer to the Ecumenism fostered by some prestigious institutions who, however, are engaged to promote mainly an Eucharistic, a spiritual union of churches more than having material objectives in mind. The spiritual union of Churches is by itself an extremely complex enterprise and at least time taking, if possible at all, as has been proved so far.

Some time ago when I completed 90 years, mainly with the purpose of keeping my mind alert I decided to put my thoughts and feelings on paper and to divulge these concepts. Later on, with the purpose to make it a more attractive reading I converted it into the romance THE HUMAN MANKIND, which you can read later on.

The narrative describes a parallel between the present world and the ideal one. It is combining a novel of suspense, romance and philosophy narrated with true realism as far as the actual idiosyncrasies of the nations are concerned, the antagonistic relationship of some of them, as well as the conflicting incidences during the General Assembly of the United Nations. Furthermore, the successful proceedings of this institution as related in this work to effectively assist the poorest countries to build themselves an economic and social development of their nation were based on non-miraculous but realistic actions to make that possible.

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