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Elijah And the Family: Family Unity in Eternity

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We are all children of Heavenly Parents and lived with them in Heaven. When the plan was given to permit us to come to earth, gain bodies and experience mortality, we all shouted for joy. A Savior, Jesus Christ was provided to take away our sins, allow repentance and help us return to God. We are in a probation state working to keep God's commandments and ear our right to return to Him by the way we lived.

The family is the center of God's activities. The glory of God is to bring to pass the immortality of man. Families can be forever and it our mortal challenge to be obedient and faithful to all God's laws so as to qualify for eternal life. It is true, all will receive salvation, but not all will receive eternal life. This book helps us understand the difference and gives us a road map to enjoy the victors crown.

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