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Our best sex comes from lovingly going into the unknown with a committed partner. Few of us are equipped to do this. This is a carefully crafted course of 21 experiential games and exercises that dramatically enhance your capacity. Each one opens a new door - and they are fun! Oddly enough, you learn profound things by playing.

David Schnark's Passionate Marriage describes how for many couples sex ultimately becomes boring because for one reason or another the partners shut off from each other and get stuck in routine patterns. Getting out of the trap requires that we become more creative, open and connected as a way of living - not just in bed.

The course was designed with the idea of creating a path of self-development that does not require going to a workshop. None of the games takes very long. They can be done casually while having coffee.

The games themselves are distilled from years of experience as a creativity trainer, Feldenkrais practitioner and psychotherapist. Except for one that is purely fun and foolish, each game has an important skill built into it. By playing the games you develop the skill.

Published: Andrew Gaines on
ISBN: 9781301062744
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Availability for Creativity and Connected Sex: Skills for the journey
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