Diamond earrings from Tiffany’s, her own personal nanny, a generous godmother, jaunts to New York, a chrome and hand carved wooden swing set, riding in her father’s 1950 M.G. touring car, or her uncle’s Rolls-Royce to a yacht club or a polo match . . . these are every day people and things in the life of a girl named Emmy. Emmy's father, Mr. Agostini, is a Don Quixote obsessed aristocrat, and her mother, Mrs. Agostini, is a spoiled Southern belle. Emmy is a girl given to fancy, making her life even more colorful. Nevertheless, there is trouble in paradise.

The Peerless Dulcinea is loosely based on the author's remembrances of her early childhood in pre-Castro Havana and Colorado.

The story paints clear and searing portraits of wickedness, cruelty, unconditional love, sacrifice, chivalry, wealth, arrogance, humility, and those ephemeral characteristics of hope and optimism in the face of insurmountable predicaments.

The screenplay adaptation (unproduced) of this book has already won a Gold Award at the WorldFest International Film Festival. A Gone With the Wind kind of story set in the era of Madmen (late 1950's). Emmy, the daughter of an eccentric aristocrat and her beloved nanny suffer the whims of an evil socialite.

Ages 9 and up.

Published: Susanna Godoy Lohse on
ISBN: 9780977815760
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