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Soul on Fire

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i felt it was time to launch a brief anthology of thoughtful reflective poetry. to focus on issues which do not isolate the real essence of us as individuals. being rational and critical in your thinking definitely has its place. what i am strongly advocating here, is the necessity not to neglect to include the soul or spirit within. in my poetry i explore important social themes; such as poverty, starvation, persecution and hatred towards the self. the desire to leave urban life behind and refresh the spirit by seeking new pastures as a result of physically going to the mountains and drawing strength from them. a theme i explore in the mountain, which is one of my verses in this collection. the abandonment of the vulnerable by the obsessive desire for self gain. self uncertainty and doubt, a crisis of meaning as
well as purpose. a longing to be delivered from the chains of civilsation. these are all themes run like thread through all of my verses. Finally if nothing else enjoy them for what they are. When you are ready to connect on a deeper level the spirit within, then my wish i for your soul to once again be on fire with a passion that will never go out. may your journey be a challenging and rewarding one.

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