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Daniel’s trial takes many forms. There is the legal trial he must face knowing if he reveals the truth behind the conspiracies he’s been fighting, those conspirators and others unseen will attack his family and friends. There will be the trial of isolation and fighting the demons within that are perhaps the greatest threat. The loved ones he has left behind, Lauren, Bonny and their four children also face their own personal trials. The warrior Lauren must unravel the conspiracy to try to free Daniel and protect the family without his guiding hand to calm her vengeful rage.
Bonny must be mother, shaman and guide to her now adult family and face trials without the rock of her man, Daniel. She begins to crumble but the love of friends new and old and the wisdom of an ancient Cree shaman will bring her back to the centre of the loving pyramid she created.
She built a new thing when she met Lauren and Daniel so that with the children they created a family pyramid that withstood the trials of life. As their sphere of influence grows, new pyramids are made - and on into the infinity of possibilities that are life’s trial.

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