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To be read in tandem with (or as an expansion to) "The Sons of Masguard and the Mosque Hill Fortune" this companion guide gives you on an in-depth look at the Kingdom of Secora, its citizens, and its mysteries. Includes glossaries, exclusive concept sketches, and never-before-seen characters.

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The Sons of Masguard Companion Guide - Vivienne Mathews

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The World: Welcome to Secora

Secora is an island nation with a prosperous history and an idealistic outlook. Having stood for thousands of years as a symbol of success, the kingdom relies heavily on sea commerce, with many trade connections and peaceful affiliations throughout the world. The capitol city is Secora Tor, which overlooks the Bannered Shore, so named for the many miles of enormous banners lining its coast. Among its notable harbors are the distant towns of Vernos and Port Sundry.

The chief adversary to the Secoran Kingdom is the Kathkan Empire, a cold, barren nation where the primary source of income is the buying and selling of immigrants, captured soldiers, and the kidnapped citizens of rival kingdoms. Like their landscape, the people of Kathka are hard and tough, often having a very practical (if not selfish) view of morality. Though rumors of war have been circulating for many decades, the Empire has not dared