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The Missing Link I: The January Morrison Files, Psychic Series 1

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January Morrison was a psychic who could see and talk with the dead. The first dead person she talked to was her best friend from high school, Lori, who'd disappeared after sneaking out on a sleepover night from her room and was found dead -- after January told the police where to find her body. The experience was especially traumatic to her because Lori's parents blamed her for what happened to their daughter and she was shunned at school and in their village because of the buzz generated by the fact that she learned the location of her friend's body by talking to her ghost. She also lost the interest of a boy she really liked because of it. Her family eventually had to move because of it.

Years later, she used her psychic abilities to help relatives find closure by talking to their dead loved one's spirit. She also helped families in the same situation as Lori's find a missing family member. This was why the FBI itself asked for her help in the case of a missing teenager. She capitulated, after a little prodding. To her surprise, the teenage girl she tried to reach with her psychic abilities was able to communicate with her even — while still alive. She was abducted, and she told January where she thinks her abductor brought her. In the end, her kidnapper turned out to be Lori's murderer fifteen years ago. January fell in love with one of the FBI agents who was on the case, Det. Ashton Sterling. Ashton accepted her gift, even when he could not truly understand it, and was awed at the unique way she could help solve cases of missing people.

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