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Black White and Shades of Greyy

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Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Greyylene, one of two daughters of quiet Mountain Elves, finds herself in unfamiliar waters when she is swept away on a downed tree. Rescued by a merchant ship she begins a life on the open oceans of Elisandria. Her life takes a twist of fate when the ship she is on is captured by a ruthless band of Pirates.

Greyylene is forced to make life altering decisions between black and white which border on gray in order to survive. To join with the Pirates will save her life, but force her on a path of mayhem and murder. When her parents are killed by the Imperial Guards for their own homicidal choices Greyylene’s path is set as she holds her mother’s dead body in her arms.

Exploration mixed with bedlam give her the perfect recipe for advancement in the ranks of piracy. Her worth is firmly established when a battle between the Imperial Navy and the Pirates ends in the resounding and embarrassing defeat of the Emperor’s elite. The flirtation between good and evil is given an explosive flame when an innocent looking rock causes a sinister illness that begins to destroy everything it touches.

Murder, Mayhem and Madness follow Greyylene around like a lost puppy, and she joyously embraces the thrill of the hunt.

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